About Us

Who We Are

Shrimati Vimladevi Khyalilalji Vagarecha College of Nursing Education is a recognised institution dedicated to providing exceptional education and teaching for aspiring nurses. Our college is committed to nurturing and empowering nursing students to become skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals. At Shrimati Vimladevi Khyalilalji Vagarecha College of Nursing Education, we want to prepare the upcoming nursing students with thorough programs and courses under the direction of knowledgeable faculty members who know how to engage the class by emphasising both theoretical and practical abilities. We also take pride in being one of the most inclusive and supportive medical institutions in India with a distinctive teaching method in nursing education. By providing such a supportive environment to our students, we also commit to our future nurses that they will be able to utilise their knowledge to the fullest in their careers. It's time to embark on a fulfilling journey and achieve a rewarding nursing career. Let's take an oath to experience quality education with our dedicated medical teaching institute that will bring a positive impact on the healthcare sector of our country.


Imbued with God's love, the vision of Shrimati Vimladevi Khyalilalji Vagarecha College of Nursing Education is to be a leading institution in nursing education, shaping the future of healthcare through excellence in learning and teaching, research, and compassionate patient care. Our vision is to employ innovative methods and techniques of teaching that promote quality education, active learning, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning. By creating a dynamic and global teaching and learning environment, we encourage our students to participate in problem-solving, research, and evidence-based practice.


The mission of Shrimati Vimladevi Khyalilalji Vagarecha College of Nursing Education is to create a world-class healthcare system by providing high-quality education and developing professionalism globally. We further strive to create rigorous and cutting-edge programs that enhance the practical as well as theoretical skills of nursing students. We aim to foster and develop teaching methods in nursing education that emphasizes on interdisciplinary and lifelong learning to nurture and educate well-rounded aspiring nurses. Our mission further extends beyond the classroom, as we aim to create a lasting impact on the healthcare sector by setting new standards of excellence.