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Shrimati Vimladevi Khyalilalji Vagarecha College of Nursing Education is a recognised institution dedicated to providing exceptional education and teaching for aspiring nurses. Our college is committed to nurturing and empowering nursing students to become skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals. At Shrimati Vimladevi Khyalilalji Vagarecha College of Nursing Education, we want to prepare the upcoming nursing students with thorough programs and courses under the direction of knowledgeable faculty members who know how to engage the class by emphasising both theoretical and practical abilities.


Germany is facing a dearth of skilled nursing staff as there are not enough qualified nurses available to meet the high level of demand. Experts anticipate that approximately another 500,000 nurses will be needed by the year 2030. Moreover, the scarcity is expected to exacerbate in the medium and long term due to demographic shifts. Read more

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