JITO Educational and Medical Trust

JITO Educational and Medical Trust

The JITO Education and Medical Trust, along with the JITO THANE CHAPTER of the JITO (JAIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE ORGANIZATION) Group, works to improve the medical and educational facilities, which are every citizen's birthright and ought to be accessible at reasonable costs. They aim to ensure the business, social, and cultural development of society and to give something back to the world.

The JITO Educational and Medical Trust is an innovative organization that believes in uplifting the medical and education sectors of society. By practicing the act of selflessness, it holds a vision to transform the education and medical sectors positively by creating an inclusive and progressive society. The JITO Educational and Medical Trust is committed to building a brighter future by uplifting and empowering individuals through education and teaching by adapting inventive methods of teaching and learning.

From Chairman’s Deck

JITO Thane Chapter is all about enhancing the Medical and Educational Facilities that are a birth right of every citizen and should be available at affordable prices. An established centre of excellence in healthcare, education, research and patient-care, JITO Educational and Medical Trust is a non-profit organisation that believes in redefining the values of service and healthcare.

At Shrimati Vimladevi Khyalilalji Vagarecha College of Nursing Education, we believe providing healthcare is a noble career that requires a perfect combination of skill, sympathy, and commitment. Our organisation is dedicated to developing nursing students who will have a significant influence on people's lives and communities. Our extensive health and nursing programmes are created to provide you the knowledge, abilities, and morals required to succeed in this fast-paced industry. We have a group of knowledgeable professors that are passionate faculty committed to your success in addition to being leaders in their fields.

As you begin this exciting journey to become a healthcare professional/ nursing expert, I send you my warmest wishes on behalf of the whole faculty and staff. We are eager to have you as a student at our college and to assist you in attaining your academic and professional objectives.